What services do we offer and how do they apply to you?

Instant Education: Provide a detailed - yet succinct - report that thoroughly answers your information requirements for a particular subject.

Current Awareness: Monitor current news on a topic that interests you from the wire services, newspapers and magazines and send you updates on a pre-determined schedule. There’s no more need to pore through stacks of articles searching for the few that are of interest to you.

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Industry Analysis: Identify the key players on a local, regional, national or international basis to determine how to effectively position your firm in its market place.

Market Analysis: Analyze threats and opportunities in your market arena and offer recommendations tailored to your business requirements.

Competitive Intelligence: Systematically collect information about your competitors, analyze that information and report its potential impact on your company.

Prospective Client Lists: Create lists of those companies whose business characteristics most closely match those of your best clients - or identify solid cross-sell opportunities.

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