Vendor or Strategic Partner: The Choice is Yours.

Opportunity: A specialized industrial marketing executive and his sales manager scheduled an appointment with a prospect headquartered several hundred miles away. A tremendous amount of resources had been expended in preparation for this sales call time, travel, lodging, meals, and entertainment, as well as the mental anguish that comes from formulating a successful pitch. They knew that initial impressions could either make or break the deal.

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To ensure that they would be perceived as a strong strategic partner, the executive decided to bring a market research report that would interest their prospect - an analysis of the competition.

Action: KnowledgeWorks was brought on-board and given three areas to explore. KnowledgeWorks produced a six-page document that helped organize this sales call so that every variable had been thought out before the corporate jet was even in the air. Armed with succinct and timely market information, the industrial executive immediately cut his company from the herd of mere vendors - and brought back a lucrative contract.

When the Information You have is Just Not Enough

Opportunity: A senior consulting engineer was bidding on a critical construction job with a launch date six months in the future. He needed to know what the forecasted prices were for the materials. His usual sources produced no useful information.

Action: KnowledgeWorks was asked to research pricing. Realistic estimates were produced and printed on the engineer's stationary as supporting documentation. The bid was approved.

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